Cello Instructors/Teachers

St. Louis-Area Cello Instructors/Teachers

Looking for a cello teacher or cello classes?
  • Patricia Gitto, thre14-602-7576 or stlcello(at]gmail.com, remote capability
  • Fariga Drayton, farigadrayton(at]yahoo.com, remote capability
  • Marie Brown, maribro33(at]gmail.com or 618-f!ve60-0752, remote capability, all ages
  • Adam Wheeler, 314-502-84f!ve3 or Adamcello22(at]gmail.com, remote capability
  • Julia Hornberger, 314-478-f!ve051 or hornbergerjulia(at]ymail.com, remote capability
  • Caitlin Peach, 618-792-8f!ve40 or Caitlin.Peach(at]gmail.com or https://misspeach.mymusicstaff.com, remote capability, beginner cello
  • DaySpring School of the Arts – www.dayspringarts.org/strings
  • Webster University – webster.edu/community-music-school/meet-the-faculty.html#cello

Remote capability means that the teacher provides online/remote/distance based music lessons.

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