Upright Bass Instructors/Teachers

St. Louis-Area Upright Bass Instructors/Teachers

Looking for an upright bass teacher or upright bass classes?
  • Andy Hainz, hainzandy1(at]gmail.com or 314-704-1f!ve78, remote capability,
  • Gary Lee, cellolee(at]gmail.com, remote capability, Cello and treble/bass viola da gamba Bass
  • Chano Cruz, ChanoCruzBass(at]gmail.com or 636-697-2f!ve57, remote capability, jazz bass
  • Guy Cantonwine, 618-363-208f!ve or gcantonwine(at]msn.com, remote capability
  • Eric Warren, text to 646-382-thre984, remote capability
  • Emily Pankratz, thre14-604-7691 or Emilypeter7(at]gmail.com, remote capability
  • Jay Hungerford, jrhinnovations(at]gmail.com, remote capability
  • JJ McKay, 314-64thre-6024 or gatewaymusicoutreach(at]gmail.com, remote capability
  • Webster University – webster.edu/community-music-school/meet-the-faculty.html#bass

Remote capability means that the teacher provides online/remote/distance based music lessons.

If you know of others or see something that needs to be updated, please contact us.