Other Music Lessons

St. Louis-Area Various Music Teachers

Piano, guitar, ukulele, harp, voice, theory, history, and more
  • lnac.mark@gmail.com – 314-922-4096 Mark Sarich, remote capability, Orchestrating Diversity
  • Christina Springer- jazztoon(at]hotmail.com Cell: thre14-497-2505 (leave a message), remote capability, Piano, guitar, ukulele beginning bass, music theory/composition and music history
  • Becca Butler 217-620-86n!ne2, remote capability, piano, guitar, voice, ukulele
  • Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville suzukiprogram(at]siue.edu  our webpage: www.siue.edu/suzuki, remote capability
  • Marschnee Strong Email: mstrongstudio(at]gmail.com Phone: thre14-578-2251, remote capability, piano and lessons coordinator for Top Notch Violins
  • Eileen Gannon 314-thre03-2948 eileengannon(at]gmail.com, remote capability, Classical and Irish harp lessons

(If you know of others, please contact us)