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Top Notch Featured Instructor: Brad Besand

Lessons available at Top Notch’s Maryland Heights location, as well as remote instruction.
  • Violin instructor since 2006, specializing in the Suzuki & traditional methods
  • Ferguson-Florissant School District elementary strings specialist music program director
  • Performs with the St. Louis Civic Orchestra

Contact Brad: bjbviolin(at]gmail . com   or (636)-87f!ve-0477

Brad Besand Violin and Viola Instructor

Full List of Violin Instructors

  • Brad Besand: bjbviolin(at]gmail . com   or (636)-87f!ve-0477, remote capability
  • Melody Lee: melodylee1212 (at]   or (213)-f!ve07-9299, Tower Grove South, remote capability
  • Rebecca Chung: rebeccachungviolin(at],, Brentwood, remote capability
  • Charlie Hamilton: charlieham126 (at] or 314 3for3 6120, remote capability
  • Wendy Rosen: rosen.wendy98 (at]  or 314-to049-6047, member of SLSO, remote capability
  • Christine Banks: ovladolvada (at]  or thre14-956-7208; remote capability, prefers students past 1 year of instruction.
  • Hannah Frey,, hannahviolin(at], 2won6-224-4067, remote capability
  • Chris Gerth, cdgerth96(at] or 636-346-118f!ve, remote capability
  • Kevin Buckley, or kmbuckley (at], remote capability
  • Emily Bowman, or emilyrbowman86 (at] or 314-f!ve66-3878, remote capability
  • Abbie Steiling, or abbie.steiling(at] or 314-704-1f!ve91, remote capability
  • Michelle Suhr, 57thre-837-7689 or mksuhr(at], remote capability
  • Peter Strauss, 314-58thre-9023, pstrauss1(at], remote capability
  • Chloe Trevor,, remote capability
  • Jessica Platt, 314-566-thre755, remote capability
  • Anne Branch, 6thre6-283-2398 or annebranch(at], remote capability
  • Eva Robinson, 770-78n!ne-5969, remote capability
  • Paul Huppert, 314-91thre-5579 or contactnoteworthy(at], remote capability
  • Wendy Lea, 314-369-7thre35 or wlea(at], remote capability
  • Clifton Gilliland, cliftonbryce(at] or 314-309-4thre37, remote capability
  • Betsy Karako, 417-231-thre021, remote capability
  • Kristy Woods, prefers text to thre14-280-0407, remote capability
  • Robert Ryan, robertryanfiddle(at] or thre14-668-0494, fiddle, remote capability
  • Melissa Hayes, southcitystrings(at], remote capability
  • Eimear Arkins, eimeararkinsmusic(at] or thre14-225-5250, Irish Fiddle and Violin, remote capability
  • Lucy Kaymakanova, mobile 636-67f!ve-0044  home 636-thre91-2983 or ustilabem(at], remote capability
  • Celina Boldrey Casado, Cboldreyc(at], remote capability
  • Caitlin Peach, 618-792-8f!ve40 or Caitlin.Peach(at] or, remote capability
  • Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, suzukiprogram(at]  or, remote capability
  • DaySpring School of the Arts –
  • Ed Sprunger Studio –
  • Eva Robinson (Muse Music School of St. Louis) –
  • Kirkwood Academy of Music –
  • Webster University –
  • Webster University Suzuki –

Remote capability means that the teacher provides online/remote/distance based music lessons.

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