Youth Orchestras and Music Programs

St. Louis-Area Youth Orchestras and Music Programs

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Alton Symphony –

Affton School District Strings Program –

Clayton Orchestra –
Clayton / Wydown Middle School Orchestra:
Clayton / Wydown ViBravo String Ensemble:
Clayton / Wydown Vivace Orchestra:

Crestview Middle School Orchestra – (no specific page about orchestra)

DaySpring School of the Arts – Group Classes –

Eureka High School Orchestra –

Hazelwood West Middle School  –

Hazelwood East Middle School Orchestra –

Hazelwood Middle School Orchestra –

Hazelwood North Middle School Music Programs –

Hazelwood Northwest Middle School Orchestra Directory –

Hazelwood Southeast Middle School Orchestra –

Hazelwood West High School Orchestra –

Hazelwood West Middle School Music Program –

Kirkwood Elementary Orchestras 4th and 5th grade – Kirkwood Elementary

Kirkwood High School Concert Orchestra – Kirkwood Concert Orchestra

Kirkwood Nipher Middle School Orchestra –

Kirkwood Orchestra Parent Organization KOPA – KOPA

Kirkwood Orchestras –

Kirkwood Senior High School Symphonic Orchestra – Kirkwood Symphonic Orchestra

Ladue School District –

Lindbergh High School Orchestra Program –

Marquette High School Orchestra –

McCluer North Senior High School Orchestra –

Parkway Orchestras –

Parkway-Rockwood Intermediate Honors Orchestra –   (for advanced middle-school students)

Pattonville Orchestra –

Ritenour –

Rockwood School Orchestras –

SLPS-Shaw VPA Junior Urban Music Program –

St. Louis Youth Orchestra –

Truman& Sperreng Middle School Orchestra Program –

Washington School District Orchestra –

Webster University Community Music School –

Webster University String Ensemble –

Webster University String Orchestra –

Webster University Young People’s Concert Orchestra –

Webster University Young People’s Symphonic Orchestra –

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