Continuing Rental or Automatically Buying at 36 Months?

Learn how to fully utilize our policies to best fit your individual needs!

At the end of 36 months the rental agreement will convert to a purchase for full-size instruments but rental will continue for fractional (smaller) instruments.

Why is there a difference between full size and fractional instruments? We have found that is what works best for you, our clients. Families with players who are not yet using full-sized instruments find it helpful to have their smaller instrument insured; in addition, an active rental provides free changing of sizes for when your child needs a larger instrument.

Yet, not every life situation is the same: just because these standard approaches are best for the majority of our clients doesn’t mean it is best for you. The key here is to review this information so you are aware of how things generally work. If you would like something different, reach out to us! We are here and available for you.

Top Notch Violins retains up to 36 months’ of your rental payments toward purchase.

Please note: You may use your accumulated purchase credits at any time; you do not have to wait 36 months to buy your instrument if you prefer to own it sooner. You can come into the shop, or make your request by contacting us about your existing rental.

For these purposes:

  • Full-sized instruments are 4/4 violin, 16″ or larger viola, 4/4 cello, or 3/4 bass.
  • Fractional instruments are violins smaller than 4/4, violas smaller than 16″, cellos smaller than 4/4, and basses smaller than 3/4.

If the instrument you are renting from Top Notch Violins is fractional (not full size):

a) We will, by default unless you specifically request otherwise, maintain the contract even though you have reached the cap on the purchase credits you can accrue on the contract. This makes it possible for you to continue to upsize without any further charge, and to have your younger player’s instrument insured. You can “request otherwise” on our Rental Account Contact form.

b) After you have made your final rental payment toward your 36 months of purchase credit, you will receive an informational email at the address on file with Top Notch. The email will advise you of the status of your contract & the amount left to pay on the instrument you are renting.

c) If it has been a year or more since the instrument was upsized, the email will let you know.

d) The email will ask if you wish to own the instrument you have, and remind you that we will maintain the contract unless you tell us otherwise. You can let us know your preferences by reply.

e) If we know that your (for example) 15″ viola or 1/2 bass is being used by an adult player, we will try to apply the “full sized instrument” protocol instead.

If the instrument you are renting from Top Notch Violins is full sized, or we know that your smaller instrument is being played by an adult:

a) We will, by default unless you specifically request otherwise, use your purchase credits, once you have accrued the maximum of 36 months’ purchase credit. We will apply them at the next billing period toward the purchase of the rented instrument, and charge the remainder of the value of the rented instrument & outfit. Then you will own it. This means you will not continue to pay rent on a full-sized instrument. You can “request otherwise” on our Rental Account Contact form.

b) “The next billing period” is: for monthly renters, the 37th monthly bill. For quarterly renters, the 13th quarterly bill. For annual renters, the fourth annual bill.

c) We will not initiate email correspondence about this and you don’t have to do anything extra to make it happen; it’s automatic.

d) If you upsize your rental to full size on contract, and you have already accrued the full 36 months of purchase credit, we will convert the new full sized instrument to purchase at the next billing period, charging you any remainder of the retail value at that time.

e) If your purchase credits are sufficient to cover the full retail value of the full-sized outfit when you upsize, even if you have not accrued a full 36 months of purchase credits, we will convert the instrument to ownership status as soon as possible and you will not owe any further rent.

Once your rental instrument has been converted to ownership:

a) You will not be charged any further rent.

b) The instrument and outfit are covered by a “manufacturer’s warranty” for 12 months after the purchase date. This includes things like the seams opening on the instrument, or the zippers blowing out on the case.

c) Top Notch no longer insures the instrument or the outfit. This includes things like free upsizing, damage, fire or flood insurance, or normal wear-&-tear.

d) Top Notch will give 100% of the retail value of the outfit (established at the time you received the instrument), in trade toward the purchase of an instrument/outfit valued at 50% more. Example: If your full outfit (instrument, bow, and case) was valued at $400 we will give you $400 toward the purchase of an instrument/outfit valued at $600 or more. Your out-of-pocket cost in that case would be $200 (plus tax). The outfit presented for trade-in must be in good condition in order to qualify for a full-value trade-in. Additional information about our trade-in policy.

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